Thirtysecond episode of the program “Pralines. Deliciousness from the world of art”  by Ly thi Thanh Thao and Sergio Mandelli dedicated to Tobia Ravà.

Tobia Ravà is born in Padua in 1959, but a lifelong resident of Venice.
Tobia Ravà is of Jewish descent and his family achieved a notable recognition at the time of the Risorgimento.
Initially he indulges his interest in economic sciences but at the same time also concentrates on fine arts . In particular, he is passionate about graphic art, starting his studies in Venice before completing them in Urbino.
In the end,  art remains his greatest priority: he enrolls at DAMS in Bologna, where he has the privilege to attend the courses of Umberto Eco, Renato Barilli, Omar Calabrese, Flavio Caroli.
Importantly, Tobia Ravà opens up an in-depth research into the relationship between art and psychology. He is a co-founder of the Alcarte magazine. His Master’s thesis on Semiotics of Art deals with “Prohibition in Jewish visual arts”.
His early paintings mostly involve the use of graphic elements, that stems from the concept of “morphology electro structures”.
During the eighties, Tobia Ravà begins to incorporate words into his paintings. For Tobia Ravà, a scholar of Jewish mysticism, what is seminal is that words and numbers associated to the represented world soon take on a new meaning.
In 1996 following the fire at Venice’s La Fenice opera house, his artistic career reaches a turning point. Tobia Ravà undergoes a kind of illumination: as a fervent reader of the Kabbalah, he conceives the universe as a realm inundated with words and numbers. He legitimately associates this event with the scattering of divine light.
As an artist, Tobia Ravà sustains that he has a mission to gather these sparks and pass them on to his fellowmen in the hope of fulfilling a common journey, a journey of both individual and collective accomplishment.
What’s more, Tobia Ravà adheres to Ghematria, a method in the Kabbalah used to probe the numerical value of Hebrew words.
Tobia Ravà’s work is both fascinating and elaborate. He invites us to look to nature as a source of symbols and of hidden meanings that can be revealed only through meticulous and rigorous practice.
With the same passion, Tobia Ravà, together with the art critic Maria Luisa Trevisan, commits himself to promoting PaRDes, the meeting center for people from diverse cultural backgrounds.


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