Thirtyfourth episode of the program “Pralines. Deliciousness from the world of art”  by Ly thi Thanh Thao and Sergio Mandelli dedicated to Bruno Ceccobelli.

The protagonist of this episode is Bruno Giovanni Orfeo Ceccobelli, born in 1952 in Todi.
His artistic vocation manifests itself early in life: at the elementary school, he wins the first prize at a painting contest, which propels him to take up the study of art.
At age 12, he moves to Rome. There he attends the Liceo Artistico, then the Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduates in set design, but principally, where he meets Toti Scialoja.
Scialoja has a charismatic personality
Alongside his artistic research, Ceccobelli enriches his own knowledge by frequently visiting the Theosophical and Masonic groups, with whom he explores the doctrines that give major importance to the communicative value of symbols.
Ceccobelli further believes that every person is endowed with a mission; and the mission of the artist is to interpret the language of symbols, and by Grace, to reveal the Beauty to the universe.
His early works feature the languages of the mainstream art world. Especially, as a set designer, he loves making installations, occupying the space, which further underlines the importance of the tridimensionality through the incorporation of found objects.
Not by chance, he mainly adopts the brown color of bitumen, together with other materials such as wax and ash.
Equally important is his participation in various shows of the avant-garde theater group named “La Gaia Scienza”, directed by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti.
On personal as well as on “Via degli Ausoni” group levels, Ceccobelli obtains overwhelming success over the eighties with memorable worldwide exhibitions.
At the beginning of the nineties, Ceccobelli realizes mostly works on paper, a suitable art form for a free interpretation of his rubric of symbols gathered over the years.
But to him, every single artwork stands out not only as the realization of a well conceived artifact, but also as the story, the radiography of himself as a human being and artist at a given moment.
Ceccobelli is an artist who, with courage, has incorporated into his work a kind of antique symbolism rich of infinite evocations.