Eightteenth episode of the program “Pralines. Deliciousness from the world of art”  by Ly thi Thanh Thao and Sergio Mandelli dedicated to Renata Boero. 

Renata Boero is born in 1936, in Genoa.
Her destiny is shaped thanks to the encounter with two great artists. Felice Casorati, who encourage her send her painting to Quadriennial of Rome, and Emilio Scanavino, her professor, who passes on to her a kind of vibrancy, of immediacy to transfer her ideas onto the canvas.
The core idea that lays the groundwork for her future art is the discovery of art as a sequence, a rhythm, a story. According to her, each painting is only a minuscule fragment of an immense artwork, the subject of which is Painting itself. This reflection gives origin to a series of works titled “Cromogrammi”, which means handwriting, grammar of colors. So the “Cromogramma” can be looked upon as an enormous book.
As a so-called shaman, Renata Boero acts as a medium to come into contact with the primitive forces of nature and give them meanings. The Cromogrammi establish Renata Boero as one of the most prominent artists of the seventies: she is invited to participate in diverse editions of Venice Biennials and of International exhibitions.
Her research goes on and culminates into a body of works titled “Germinazioni”. This time, her focus is set on the expansive energy of nature.
The poetics of the artist is the evocation of the vital energy in nature, the energy with which the rural civilization was in perfect harmony, whereas our civilization, which is usually characterized by artificiality, can hope to retrieve this energy also thanks to the art of Renata Boero.


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