Twentythird episode of the program “Pralines. Deliciousness from the world of art”  by Ly thi Thanh Thao and Sergio Mandelli dedicated to Marco Cornini.

Marco Cornini is born in Milan in 1966. His vocation leads him the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. At the age of twenty two, he has his first one-man exhibition at the Ada Zunino gallery, and gains appreciation from some important critics, especially from Mario De Micheli.
First of all, he decides to adopt the terracotta medium.
Next, taking young women as the subject matter for his work, he shows a bent for the tall, slender ones, that dress themselves in revealing outfits, and appear in fashion magazines since the 1980s.
But terracotta, as a matter of fact, has an ancient history, and seems to conserve its proper memory that can be magically retrieved whenever it is used.
This is, probably, what Renata Bossaglia had in mind when proclaiming that Cornini’s sculptures “are symbolically Etruscan of the future, life comes to a standstill so that all becomes memory, memento.”
He eventually assumes the task of adding the dimension of time to his artworks, a dimension that renders them actual, that endows them with an everlasting communicative power.
Right at the beginning, Cornini has chosen a rather difficult branch of contemporary art, mainly dominated by the experiments of renovation techniques and of newly expressive languages. It’s the branch of figurative sculpture.
Faithful to his initial choice, he is trying to renew it by highlighting the beauty and the anxiety of  contemporary human beings.


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