Twentyeighth episode of the program “Pralines. Deliciousness from the world of art” by Ly thi Thanh Thao and Sergio Mandelli dedicated to Florencia Martinez.

Florencia Martinez is born in 1962 in Buenos Aires.
At the academy of fine arts, her reference points  are Jorge Demirjian and Carlos Goriarrena.
These artists alongside the hard political climate of the epoch play a fundamental role in determining her style that, initially, is grounded in expressionism.
What’s more, she loves poetry.
Poetry, first and foremost, gives a meaning, a logical sense to her existence dominated by an impulsive character, represents for her  the source from which she draws values worth living by.
Florencia Martinez decides to move to Italy in 1990.
Shortly after her arrival, she works as illustrator for the daily paper La Repubblica, and realizes a good number of covers for its popular supplement Tuttomilano.
Needless to say, she never abandons her artistic research. Her 1997 exhibition brings into light the themes that eventually shape her painting style. Florencia Martinez focuses on the women’s world.
She underlines the changing roles of women in contemporary society.
This theme is best expressed through some works present in the exhibition titled “Il pasto nudo”.
Florencia Martinez also cherishes the theme on memories.
She beautifully sums up this concept by saying: “I live in the present, thinking of what I will recall tomorrow”.
In her recollections, she retrieves warm feelings and an irresistible desire to win over all conflicts.
With this thought in mind, Florencia Martinez executes paintings on embroidered canvas; the ornamental motif recalls the intimacy of family environment, where affection is cultivated through everyday life.
On the fabric she prints black-and-white fragments of photos taken mostly from the post war period.
The 2001 exhibition, whose title “The Wall of Merlin” evidently shows a play on words, highlights the magic emerged from the juxtaposition of images from different contexts, a procedure similar to the use of metaphors in poetry: in a world where stones rain, rowing requires a huge effort.
The series entitled “L’amore mio è buonissimo” refers to a sweet composition by Vivian Lamarque, featuring a love conceived in the fantasy of daydreaming, whereas the series titled “In cima si arriva prima con la mente” takes inspiration from a poem by Jolanda Insana.
Finally, the series “Insisterò” (I’ll insist”), is a message Florencia Martinez has addressed to herself and to Italy: considering our personal story as our heritage, we will be able to get over these hard days and regain the striking force of our identity.


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