Thirtieth episode of the program “Pralines. Deliciousness from the world of art” by Ly thi Thanh Thao and Sergio Mandelli dedicated to Gianni Asdrubali.

Gianni Asdrubali is born in 1955 in Tuscania.
He is particularly seduced and challenged by the behavior of matter in response to various stresses, so much so that he decides to attend university courses in Elementary Particle Physics and in Quantum Mechanics.
Asdrubali delves into the original problem of painting, which is, the relationship between the canvas and the painter. In other words, he wants to know “what pushes an artist to execute a sign on the white surface of a canvas?”.
One day, Asdrubali has got an intuition that will play a decisive role in his subsequent search. Sitting in front of a great white wall, he feels the impulse to get up and to draw a sign on its surface.
All of a sudden, he grasps the core idea: what provokes the action is not his talent, but the blank space of the wall that attracts towards itself the creative impetus of the artist.
The first experiment derived from this intuition is called “Muro Magico” (“Magical Wall”), where Asdrubali fills the entire space with black brushstrokes, then destroys everything in the end.
The next series, titled “diodiavolo”, exemplifies an interplay between black and white, which gives rise to new structures. The “Aggroblanda” series, instead, provides insights into the elegance of the motifs of some hard stones.
But, only through the successive bodies of work can Asdrubali’s artistic practice clarify itself, as registered in a video entitled “Combattimento” (“Combats”), which is beautifully commented by Maurizio Corgnati.
In the end, Asdrubali’s artistic creation doesn’t seem distant from that of Enrico Castellani, with whom he has prestigious shows.
His research further evolves into a series called “Tromboloide”.
Importantly, Asdrubali begins to adopt forex, a plastic material, as an alternative to canvas. Consequently, in his artwork stands out the cutting of the contour of the painted area, along with the signs over the canvas.
Asdrubali invites us to take part in a dynamical system that merges the vision of artistic creations with scientific rigor, in a rather ambitious attempt to welcome the latest conquests in physics to the art domain.


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