Thirtyfifth episode of the program “Pralines. Deliciousness from the world of art”  by Ly thi Thanh Thao and Sergio Mandelli dedicated to Omar Galliani.

Omar Galliani is born in Montecchio Emilia in 1954.
Inspired by his grandfather, who possesses extraordinary manual skills, Omar Galliani soon understands that art has always been closely connected with man’s ability to interact with nature.
What’s more, his grandfather takes him to see the works of the Mannerists, especially those of Coreggio.
At the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, thanks to Concetto Pozzati, Omar Galliani enters into contact with the major exponents of the art panorama of those days.
His first solo exhibition was held in 1977, at the Studio G7 Gallery of Ginevra Grigolo.
It showcases large works on paper where Omar Galliani reproduces details taken from old masters’ famous paintings. Now and then, he incorporates pieces of glass or leaves of gold in his artwork.
What stands out in those days is the renewed interest in drawing, or even better said, the technical virtuosity of Omar Galliani.
His friendship with Flavio Caroli leads to the establishment of the “Magico Primario” group.
Almost at the same time, in 1984, the art historian, Maurizio Calvesi, launches at the Venice Biennale an art movement called “Anachronism”, whose aim is to kindle a dialogue with  the earlier models of making art.
Practically, this movement tries to give a response to the dominant conceptualism by highlighting the characteristic of the Italian culture that finds in painting, more than in the pure philosophical thought, an exceptional instrument to bespeak its nature.
In the eighties, Omar Galliani executes a series of paintings that has as protagonists both the mythological images and colors such as cadmium red or copper.
After undertaking this line of research for a decade, Omar Galliani decides to reactivate the renaissance idea by concentrating on drawing, which remains his sole and distinguished technique  ever since.
Essentially, he prefers to make drawings on polished poplar wood. At times he scratches the surface with sand paper to make it “vibrated with life”; furthermore, the fact that he employs graphite, a soil material, fills him with alchemical fascination.
The images from which Omar Galliani draws inspiration are taken from glossy magazines; in other words, they are taken from something destined for an immediate fruition and then for a rapid destruction.
Yet his artistic talent has the potential to elevate these images to a spiritual resonance.
Omar Galliani’s work, obeying his artistic vocation, has therefore the mission to reveal to the world the beauty wherever it manifests itself.


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