Giovanni Sesia was born in 1955, in Magenta. He got a diploma in painting by the end of the seventies at Brera Academy in Milan and for more than twenty years has been working as painter in the field of informal abstraction. In 1998: he came into possession of an entire archives of photos dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century. To his great surprise those photos are portraits of the mentally ill persons of a mental hospital. His emotions are so intense that as artist, he is induced to do justice to these visibly suffering persons that have left this world without leaving any traces. He then decides to enlarge these photos and to use them as background for his paintings.
He uses the brown color. Then, here and there, he adds a few traces of other colors, mostly the red one. And finally, he inserts writings which are practically illegible. The result proves amazing: he creates some impressive works which are among the best of those years.
Meanwhile he realizes that what really interests him is the memory, the meditation on a patrimony of images of our common story. With this idea in mind he gives birth to some series of decisively fascinating works.
He begins with some objects found here and there at home, such as old draperies, chairs, pots he uses to paint. But then he produces also works dedicated to landscapes, to flowers, and to motorcycles. The last subject, in 2006, catches the attention of the direction of Ducati, one of the most famous worldwide producers of motorcycles. They commission him a series of works on occasion of the eightieth anniversary of the foundation. The following year marks the year of triumph for Ducati and Stoner in the world championship. Giovanni Sesia is invited to Bologna to realize the official image of the event.
Since then his art has been known on nationwide level, and his artistic interventions have been greatly required from companies and public bodies as well.
Another aspect of Giovanni Sesia’s work is that of installation. In other words, we are speaking about works conceived for a particular occasion, generally for an exhibition, where there is insertion of various elements such as objects, films, photos, sculptures, etc.


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