Nineth episode of the program “Pralines. Deliciousness from the world of art”  by Ly thi Thanh Thao and Sergio Mandelli dedicated to Paolo Iacchetti.

Paolo Iacchetti, born in 1953 in Milan. At the beginning he gets a degree in Chemistry that introduces him immediately to the working world, but  discovers that his job as chemist gives him neither satisfaction nor the answers he needs. So he decides to enroll in Brera  Academy to get a diploma in painting. From his scientific studies, he inherits the discipline that gives him a systematic, daily application to work and an accurate selection of the objectives to obtain.
More or less his research follows the examples of Joseph Albers and Mark Rothko. To him, painting should be realized with the body, with the hands, with the gestures that match rationality with feelings, with emotions, with existence.
In this sense the unique subject of his art work is painting itself; in other words, his art work is a continuous research on the relationship between colors and canvas and on the suggestion or even better, on the seduction of the painting.


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