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Mandelli Arte

Our story

Mandelli Arte was founded in 2001 as a regular private gallery, based nearby beautiful Milan. Sergio and Thao have always been  known for their vocation to discover new talents and to promote established artists.

Against the sectoral ideas, over its ten years of life, Mandelli Arte has presented artists from a wide variety of artistic languages.

With an affinity for the movement of Nuovo Futurismo, the gallery organized various shows focusing on  aesthetics such as “I have also seen some happy artists”. What’s more, Mandelli Arte has a great interest not only in terracotta sculptures, but also in sculptures made of new materials.

Other high-profile group shows, which can be considered as a patrimony of Italy’s artistic and social history, are “The Last Question” dedicated to the main exponents of Digital Art, and “Nerazzurra”, the only show dedicated to the Centenary of Inter Milan with President Massimo Moratti’s approval. The latter is conceived as a review of Contemporary Italian Art, which engaged one hundred artists from different geographical provenance, stylistic choices and generational belonging.

After ten-year commitment to the exhibition activity, Mandelli Arte realizes that the art market has changed dramatically and that Internet plays a dominant role in society. Mandelliarte thus decides to give life to a project with an international dimension, titled: “Pralines. Deliciousness from the World of Art” and to create an online art gallery, to reach a wider public.

The artist first

Our philosophy

Generally speaking, in mass media, people speak of art only when world record prices are achieved at auctions, or when an artwork comes under the spotlight due to its transgressive or controversial content. In the public eye, contemporary art is more usually considered an issue reserved for just a limited number of strange persons who are interested in bizarre things.

Yet we are surrounded by art in every single moment, at all levels; just go to a bar and order a Campari Soda: unknowingly we hold in our hand a bottle designed by Fortunato Depero, an exponent of the Fururism movement.

Therefore there are several different beautiful artistic languages that attempt to give voice to all that the human soul can’t express in words. That’s why we regret to note that in reality very few artists are known to a wide audience.

From the beginning of our activity, we have thought that as gallerists, our core mission , besides selling art, is to work on this variety; we have placed at the heart of our activity, instead of the art market, the artist himself, with his unique life experience.

With this idea in mind, we have realized a video series titled “Pralines. Deliciousness from the World of Art”, a project inspired by “The Lives” written by  Giorgio Vasari, who wants to give testimony to the lives and works of artists, mostly Italian, who have been operating with their creativity and intelligence to give life to extraordinary end results, once their origins are made known.


understanding Contemporary Art with Sergio & Thao

“Pralines” is the name of our monographic short video series dedicated to the protagonists of modern and contemporary art. “Pralines” deal mostly with Italian artists, but not only, and are visible on YouTube/ Mandelliarte. “Pralines” take inspiration from “The Lives ” written by Giorgio Vasari, a famous Florentine artist of the sixteenth century, considered  to be the first art historian in Europe.

Besides outlining some biographical traits of the artists, each video describes the cultural and geographical situations that influence the artists’ styles. 

The artistic revolution in the twentieth century was in fact notable for giving rise to a high number of new languages, that may not be easy to interpret even for art experts.

For this reason, in every video, we present relevant elements to help people understand the variety of artistic languages of contemporary art, often analyzing them together with the art movements of the past and confronting them  with the then philosophical reflections.

Therefore “Pralines” are recommended especially for art lovers, gallerists, collectors and students of art academies and Liceo Artistico.

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