Hoang Duong Cam is an artist born in 1974, in Hanoi. Although Cam has made experiments with diverse techniques, above all, with those having to do with new technologies, such as video and photography,  painting remains his true passion. As artist, he has to adopt a right attitude  to face a reality that, in just few decades, has witnessed enormous changes in politics, in economics, and in society.
Initially Cam looks to the figures of the popular Dong Ho paintings and the stylized ones of comic-strips and of Street art (Haring).
Then his visit to New York in 2005 plays a fundamental part in his artistic career.
At the basis of all this, there is an ironic and amused behavior of an artist who is imbued with Dadaism, but also a meditation on the philosophy of Plato and  the theory of Quantum Physics.


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