Nino Attinà

Life, style & influence

Nino Attinà was born in Calabria in 1953. But he has become a Milan-based artist since a long time.
His research has long dwelled on a combination of contrasting and vibrant colors, which evoke the atmospheres of Existential Realism in Milan: interior or suburban scenes, or even scenes of merry-go-rounds, which always elicit saddened and quiet emotions.
In the last few years, instead, his creativity has been undergoing a decisive acceleration process; his works are characterized by a free and essential gesture which is sometimes nervous, but gains more and more confidence.
His visages, bodies, landscapes are felt rather than recognized. Their compositions seem to be made of frayed brushstrokes; they stand out on a backdrop of brilliant colors, incorporated in an atmosphere that echoes the surrealist visionary of André Masson.
All has changed; even everyday scenes are immersed in a universal dimension of hallucinations and distortions.
Nino Attinà, in the last chapter of this story, has created the effect of an embroidered surface by adopting a Japanese brush. His paintings become a sort of writing that can liberate itself definitively from the image to invite us to enter the landscapes made of pure colors.

His works

Due to his Mediterranean origins, the constant throughout his world is the use of bright colours.
It doesn’t matter whether the subjects are the interiors of a bar, with scenes that evoke existencial novels, or seascapes: the colors spread on the canvas with dense and filamentous brushestrokes. He usually uses jute canvas, whereas his works on papers are made of ink.