Gabriella Benedini

Life, style & influence

Gabriella Benedini was born in Cremona in 1932.
Initially, she shows great interest in art informel, then shortly after, she embarks on a decisive path towards existential realism.
Meanwhile she begins to engage in alchemy and in travelling as well, which induces her to redefine her figure as artist: she now considers herself as a nomad in search of the profound meanings of the world.
What is decisive to her career is the invitation, in 1984, to participate in an exhibition in Ferrara, in the sumptuous Hall of the Months at the Schifanoia Palace, where she creates an artwork which is later presented at the 1986 Venice Biennale. This art piece helps her discover the third dimension and strengthens her interest in alchemy.
For example, she makes her “sailing boats” from the hulls of abandoned boats and crafts them in a way to accentuate the vertical dimension; in so doing, she transforms them into a means of communication to connect the earthly world to the superior one. The journey evoked by the boats is of a symbolic type.
Another series of extraordinary importance and beauty is that of the “Books”, containers of found objects, made up of pieces of handwritten pages. They bring to light a diverse truth that enables us to cover great distance of time and space.
Her “Books” are coded messages that, like a magical formula, can transform discarded objects into precious ones.
Her body of works includes other series ranging from sextants to goniometers, to harps.
Benedini’s art is rich of energy and hidden meanings. Its subtlety and elegance attract everybody, even amateurs.

Her works

Her passion for alchemy leads her to turn everything she encounters into an artwork: seashells, old books pages, bottles. Everything joins everything in an harmonious ensemble that reminds us the space. Her works are hence three dimensional, either to hang on to the walls, or sculptures.
Her “Books” are her most liked gifts in special occasions, such as graduation ceremonies.

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