Domenico Bianchi

Life, style & influence

Domenico Bianchi was born in Anagni in 1955.
His art studies are determined by important encounters, among which are those with the sculptor Nicola Carrino and Toti Scialoja.
For some years he engages in avant-garde theater but since 1977, he moves to painting.
He has gained wide recognition for his research to transpose on a spherical surface some images he holds dear for their archetypal values. Then he proceeds to realize works on board, using wax or palladium.
Domenico Bianchi’s work needs to be observed carefully; it evokes suggestions, and we can’t but revere its fascination.
After all, generating fascination remains, of all time, the primary mission of every artwork.

His works

His patterns originate from a spherical projection of some objects, which is obtained digitally.
Then, he realizes mostly paintings in wax, or on board, spreading a stainless palladium sheet.

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