Dario Brevi

Life, style & influence

Dario Brevi was born in Limbiate in 1955. He gets a degree in architecture and becomes one of the protagonists of the art scene of the eighties. He takes part in the “Nuovo Futurismo” movement, founded by the art critic Renato Barilli and the gallerist Luciano Inga-Pin.
“Nuovo Futurismo” emerges as an opposition to conceptual art; it is characterized by colorful artworks, realized with industrial materials.
Dario Brevi adopts MDF (Medium-density fibreboard), his favorite material, to create a wide range of bas-reliefs and sculptures of various dimensions and colors.
He is also an excellent portraitist.

His works

Thank to his inexhaustible fantasy, and through the application the tenets of Nuovo Futurismo, that involved clearly visible and colourful artworks, Dario Brevi creates works with Medium Density Fibreboard, MDF, an industrial product mostly used for building.
Besides his personal production, that comprises sculptures and bas-reliefs painted in acrylic, he realizes works on commission, like portraits and installations.

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