Maurizio Galimberti

Life, style & influence

Maurizio Galimberti was born in Como in 1956.
His father is a building contractor. Therefore since he was a child, Maurizio Galimberti has often been at the construction sites and has notably developed the capacity to calculate the number of scaffoldings needed for each façade. As a result, he looks at the world as if it were divided in squares. He is interested in photography and is fascinated by the Futurism movement, especially by one of its protagonists, Boccioni, who stands out for his representation of movements in his paintings and sculptures.
At 26 years old, on discovering the Polaroid camera, Maurizio Galimberti faces a turning point. Due to his instinctive character, he always wants to have immediate results, which is not possible with working in the dark room. Instead by using Polaroid, he can visualize the result of his shoots in an instant.
He is highly acclaimed in 2003 when his portrait of Johnny Depp is chosen to be the cover of the Times magazine. He receives numerous commissions from the world’s most popular celebrities. He applies the same technique for his cityscape photographs. Whether it is Paris, Lisbon, New York, Venice or Palermo, he can transform the city into a magical cave, a place of wonders that feeds his avidity for visual expression.

His works

Maurizio Galimberti is universally known for his “mosaics” of
Instant photos, generally called “Polaroid”, even if he ultimately prefers Fuji.
We our gallery you will find landscapes composed of multiple shots, but also one-shot photographs.
He also realizes portraits on commission.

Want to know more?

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