Titti Garelli

Life, style & influence

Titti Garelli was born in Turin.
A student of Sergio Saroni, who instills in her a deep love for details, Titti Garelli works in the world of advertising in the 70s and becomes one of the most in-demand figures for the publicity campaigns of some of the iconic brands at both national and international levels. She contemporarily creates works that are exhibited for the first time in 1986 at the Nuages Gallery in Milan. Her art productions can be divided into various series, such as “Bad Girls”, “The World Tour with Eighty Girls”, etc.
Her last series is dedicated to Gothic Queens, which are inspired by the International Gothic and enriched by particulars drawn from different sources, the result of her inexhaustible research.

Her works

That which makes the “Queens” of Titti Garelli so precious, besides the artist’s tecnical virtuosity, is their potential to reach out to both art amateurs and art experts
In fact her paintings feature elaborated conceptual constructions: her dresses take inspirations from some famous paintings, her jewels from some notable jewellers’ collections, her hair styles from some movies, and so on. Nothing is left to chance. All elements are well connected to give forms to such a refined idea that only an erudite person can carry out to perfection.
Her production consists of water color works on paper and acrylic works on canvas and on board.

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