Battista Luraschi

Life, style & influence

Battista Luraschi was born in Lurago Marinone in 1951.
Son of a carpenter, right from the beginning, he shows great interest in the field of design, which he renders more appealing by filling it with enigmatic meanings. The titles and subtitles of his early works give them a sense of mystery. Later on, his familiarity with polypropylene leads him to adopt it to create sculptures and wall works.
These art pieces help him gain more traction. Renato Barilli adds him to the group of Nuovo Futurismo, which plays a fundamental role in the 1980s Italian art scene. Together with the other exponents of this group, Battista Luraschi exhibits his art at the prestigious gallery of Luciano Inga-Pin.
Anyway, he makes only small-scale works, displaying an intimate dimension of a design studio.

His works

He always uses sheets of polypropylene to create small-scale sculptures and wall works and uses automatic buttons or binding spirals to fix them.
Over the last few years Luraschi dedicates himself to making a particular kind of “bags”, from which emerge flowers and colorful and fanciful fruit having improbable names.
He also creates jewellery in unique pieces, thus offers a sense of preciousness to materials otherwise easily available on the market. They are extraordinary results of a rich world of an artist who is capable to elaborate poetic miracles to enchant his collectors.

Want to know more?

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