Osvaldo Minotti

Life, style & influence

Osvaldo Minotti was born in 1928 in Meda.
Those years see the Brianza area as one of the world’s centers for furniture production; his father can satisfy all the demands of the most famous architects in Milan. Osvaldo Minotti studies at the Castello Academy, where he learns two key lessons from the sculptor Eros Pellini: the first one is that in order to do a good job, first and foremost, one should make a good drawing.
The second one is that one should adapt oneself to meet customers’ needs. Therefore, one should study and keep oneself constantly updated. As at the great Florentine ateliers of the 15th century, he undertakes the mission to offer clients only products par excellence.
Osvaldo plays a fundamental role in his family’s atelier, which brings about a rise in commissions . However he doesn’t feel satisfied . The artistic skills he cultivates over the years give him courage to embark on a new venture. He is attracted by the avant- garde’s new way of making sculptures, which proves to be more synthetic, and tends to underline the geometric values, instead of the naturalistic details, of the work. Osvaldo Minotti thus conducts experiments with new materials and come up with new solutions.
His masterpiece can be said to be the door of the Church of Saint Catherine in Bethlehem, the site of the Nativity, called “Maranathà”, which means “Lord, come and save us”.

His works

Osvaldo Minotti is a sculptor born in an artisan shop within the Brianza area; from here comes his ability and attention to details. His sculptural works are mainly created using terracotta, a material wherewith he attempted for years to achieve a more and more elegant expressive synthesis.

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