Carlos Puente

Life, style & influence

Carlos Puente was born in Santander in 1950.
Though he studies literature and arts, it’s only after ten years working in a bank that he decides to give himself fully to art.
He believes that making art means creating a huge museum of colors and joy; but since the museum he has in mind doesn’t exist, he fabricates it by himself, implementing a combinatorial method that can be traced back to surrealist art.
Day by day he creates and enriches his iconography. It is a simple and direct alphabet, made up of elementary signs and pure colors to give life to a given system once and for all, without evolution, based on a game with infinite possibilities. It expresses itself through painting, sculpture and ceramics.
His art aims to go back to a child’s purity, considered his personal arcadia, where all concepts weren’t translated yet into a logical language to afford a narrative thread to his images. Carlos Puente thus invents some pseudo-mythological stories, such as l’IdiotaRe (the Idiot King), which always conserve an ironic yet jovial aspect.

His works

Carlos Puente, gifted with an unusual fantasy and creativity, puts himself to test with all the materials he finds at hand.
His production majorly consists of acrylic colorful paintings; however his ceramic works and his sculptures, mostly in wood, are also worth noting.

Want to know more?

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