Andrea Zucchi

Life, style & influence

Andrea Zucchi was born in Milan in 1964.
Although he studies philosophy and shows interest in literature, he can’t resist the passion for drawing and painting.
At the outset of his artistic career, he considers De Chirico and Bacon as his reference points, even though he is strongly attracted by classicism.
His research leads him to delve deep into the classics of mysticism, with the conviction that there exists basically a kind of universal religion, characterized by the recurring and constant elements over time.
With this thought in mind, he realizes various series, in which he integrates images selected from different cultures.
The end result always bears a mysterious and fascinating aspect.

His works

Andrea Zucchi, through his paintings, doesn’t aim at reaching any rational truth. He’d rather invite us to search for the affinities of forms and colors that, in some ways, establish the links between the presented images. In fact, even though he is not a surrealist artist, the juxtaposition on the same canvas of unrelated situations is often stunning. That which makes these paintings memorable is their power due not only to the striking constrasts among the proposed images, but above all, to a conscious mastery of colors and of compositions.
He uses oil colors to paint on canvas; whereas he uses ballpoint pens to realize works on paper.

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