Art Consulting

Do you wish to expand your collection, or start a new one?

Over many years, we have heard a lot of people who confessed that they wanted to dedicate more time to art, but they needed a guide to accompany them in the complex world of contemporary art. With years of experience, we have acquired a relevant expertise on helping customers purchase artworks with utmost prudence, according to their taste and their budget at disposal. First and foremost, we collect artworks for passion, rather than for pure investment. By collecting art, we are dealing with passages through life, exclusive pieces that represent extraordinary human beings - the artists.
If you wish to start a new collection, or to expand an existing one, don't hesitate to contact us for accurate consulting on the right investments.

How much is it worth?

You might have inherited or found yourself with paintings and sculptures, whose value you don't know. You can rely on our expertise to receive an evaluation of your artwork. You may discover to be owining an utter masterpiece.
Contact us for an evaluation, attaching your inquiry and a photo of the artwork.

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