Giovanni Cavaliere

Life, style & influence

Giovanni Cavaliere was born in Mercato San Severino in 1971.
He nourishes a deep love for his land and for its popular culture, which, according to Pasolini’s vision, can be regarded as a storage of genuine knowledge.
Notably, the reproduction of a “Rebellious Angel” painted by Osvaldo Licini marks his destiny as an artist.
Giovanni Cavaliere executes his works slowly, taking care of minimal variations, aiming to create a rarefied atmosphere, an equilibrium he himself defines as impossible, where everything is miraculously suspended.
He spreads colors in subtle layers that reveal the underlying ones. The diversities in the texture of colors show us that the painter uses a spatula or a paintbrush to extend the color impasto.
This is the authentic preciousness of the work of an artist who, as few living artists do, knows the secrets of colors and has chosen the delicacy and the equilibrium of a barely whispered poem.
Giovanni Cavaliere wins the 2007 Premio Lissone.

His works

In a World where everybody screams to make themselves notice, Giovanni Cavaliere chose the delicacy and the balance of a whispered poem.
Truly refined abstractionist artist, with a strong lyricism, he uses both acrylic and oil paints. He always paints on canvas.
Most of the times, he spreads an incredibly thin layer of paint, that leaves the one below visible.
The differences in the patterns of the colour, barely perceivable, can be noticed whether the paint is spread with a brush or with a spatula.

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