Giuliano Della Casa

Life, style & influence

Giuliano della Casa was born in Modena in 1942.
At the Academy of Bologna, he gets a diploma in sculpture, following in the footsteps of surrealism with existential imprints.
In 1966 he encounters Adriano Spatola, the youngest exponent of Gruppo 63, that entails the forms of his sculptures should be essential.
This affinity paves the way for a collaboration between the two artists.
In 1967 an experimental poetry festival is held in Fiumalbo, titled “Words Written on Walls” (“Parole sui muri”), where the best international exponents of the genre participate; he further collaborates with the publishing house “Geiger”, which publishes art monographs, and works with “TamTam”, a magazine of experimental poetry.
In 1972 he participates in the Venice Biennale.
Of course, the most notable thing is his collaboration with the Einaudi publishing house.
Della Casa’s art embraces both poetry and images, enriched by the special emotions evoked by the combination of these two activities, in a creative territory always open to new experimentations.

His works

Giuliano Della Casa is known especially for his watercolours on paper; protagonist of literary magazines, with this technique he gave voice to experimental visual poetry. His activity as illustrator led him to work for importanti publishers, like Einaudi.

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