Enzo Esposito

Life, style & influence

Enzo Esposito was born in Benevento in 1946.
He is passionate about Bataille’s philosophy and the idea of overcoming the sense of limit embedded in the rational conscience.
His early works bear the imprints of Conceptualism. Then, through photography and installation (environment painting), he gets to painting, realizing works with vivid colors. But there always remains the underlying idea of laceration which is translated onto the canvas through immediately recognizable signs.
Motivated by his creative passion, Enzo Esposito tends to push the boundaries of the painting, which eventually necessitates the incorporation of pieces of wood.

His works

Enzo Esposito, one of the protagonists of the italian movement “Nuovi Nuovi”, is famous for his paintings created attaching wooden extensions to his canvasses; he uses acrylics, pure pigments and sand.
His three-dimensional works are created with different materials, often metallic ones.
He also creates sculptures and ceramic bas-reliefs.

Artworks available soon

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