Omar Galliani

Life, style & influence

Omar Galliani was born in 1953 in Montecchio Emilia.
During his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he already stands out for his drawing skills and his thorough attention to Old Masters’ paintings.
In the 1980s Omar Galliani emerges as one of the main exponents of the contemporary art scene in Italy and abroad. He takes part in the movement “Magico Primario” theorized by Flavio Caroli, then in the movement “Anachronism” launched by Maurizio Calvesi. Both aim to underline the key characteristic of the Italian culture, namely, the adherence to its own cultural roots by continuing to find its extraordinary resources in drawing and painting.
From the 1990s, Omar Galliani, using graphite, realizes artworks on board or on paper, which exude great fascination and elegance.
Omar Galliani often deals with images taken from glossy magazines, that he tries to elevate to a spiritual level through his technical virtuosity. What’s more, he has great interest in the East, especially in China.

His works

Always looking for techniques able to give voice to beauty, Omar Galliani, over the past years, has worked preferrably with graphite on board, previously carved. Sometimes he also uses ink stamps.
His works on paper are especially outstanding, and are often applied on canvas.

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