Giovanni Lo Presti

Life, style & influence

Giovanni Lo Presti was born in Sicily in 1952, but moves to Milan at a very young age.
In Milan he comes into contact with the “Existential Realism” group, which will always influence his artistic research.
After losing interest in politics, he persistently meditates on our precarious existence. Sometimes he paints masks set against rocks, often illuminated by sunshine. He seems to draw inspiration from an anguishing space that forces life to become aware of itself with fatigue and pain.
On the other hand it’s the vision of the light in Sicily that induces him to make known another aspect of his nature, a hidden one, which presents itself in his paintings through  lively colors and the freshness of fruit and vegetables. This is the style that helps him produce works of rare enchantment. Giovanni Lo Presti can thus be ranked, without any doubt, with the most celebrated masters of this genre.

His works

As an artist, Giovanni Lo Presti focuses on representing man’s existential conditions, characterized by sufferings and precariousness.
However he also depicts moments of reflections and of sunshine.
He adopts oil paint to realize nudes, human figures and still lifes on canvas or on board.
Giovanni Lo Presti is also a notable portraitist.

Want to know more?

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