Maurizio Paccagnella

Life, style & influence

Maurizio Paccagnella was born in Noale in 1961.
Since he was a child, he has been keen on drawing, which permits him to soon learn the hyper realistic technique used in advertising. He collaborates with the prestigious company owned by Hillary Bradford. From that moment on, Maurizio Paccagnella has enjoyed an overwhelming success.
Anyway, over the course of time, he feels an urgent need to change his style, to conduct an in-depth study in the properties of colors.
By painting layer upon layer of colors, the artist seems to translate onto the canvas the incessant workings of time.
He multiplies layers of colors, then erases some parts, which results in a really fascinating product: his painting can be considered as a simulacrum of life. It seems as if the artist feels the necessity to fathom the depth of his soul, trying to unveil the deepest layers of his unconscious and the variety of his lived experience.
Scratches on the paint surface further add intensity to his body of work.

His works

Maurizio Paccagnella’s artistic career can be divided into two distinct periods: initially, he works in the advertising field, then develops a hyperrealistic technique using airbrush, then moves to abstract experiments.
Successively, he spreads various layers of oil colors on canvas, smoothing the canvas with sandpaper so as to reveal the layers of colors underneath.

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