Life, style & influence

In the international art panorama, “Plumcake” is the name of a group of Italian artists, born in 1983 and formed by Gianni Cella, Romolo Pallotta and Claudio Ragni.
This name, unusual in the art world, intentionally conveys a note of irony and playfulness. It’s not by chance that the choice of name falls on a commodity, a sweet with a pleasant taste and form, which reflects exactly their art: paintings and bas-reliefs made from fiberglass, vibrant with colors. In fact their works feature the interweaving of high and popular art, comics and classical culture, design and craftsmanship.
Their fist exhibition is held in January 1983 at the Diagramma Gallery of Luciano Inga-Pin.
From 1984, together with Abate, Bonfiglio, Innocente, Lodola, Palmieri, Postal, they start a movement called “Nuovo Futurismo”, theorized by Renato Barilli.
In 1990, they partecipate in the “Aperto” section of the Venice Biennale, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva.
From 2000 Gianni Cella has left the group to engage in his personal activity.

Their works

The group “Plumcake” initially consists of three members, but since 2000 it has only two members left. It is one of the founders of the artistic movement Nuovo Fururismo.
They gain in popularity among collectors for their colorful artworks, which take inspiration from the world of comics and mass communication, realized mostly in fiberglass.
Much appreciated are their drawings, filled with a good dose of irony.