Alfredo Rapetti Mogol

Life, style & influence

Alfredo Rapetti Mogol was born in Milan in 1961.
Initially he has a deep interest in calligraphy which he inherits from his family. This passion leads him to become the songwriter – known as Cheope- of some of the most popular songs.
Contemporarily he cultivates his love for artmaking.
In the 1990s he creates a signature style to which he can identify himself.
He associates the fractures left on the wood surface of his family’s old closet to the traces of his family story: he applies colors, then carves writing which conveys no clear meaning at all.
After an in-depth study, the artist dedicates himself to engraving writing  on a layer of acrylic monochrome color, preferably white, that, chipped at the edge, can eventually lay bare the canvas underneath.
Alfredo Rapetti Mogol believes that art, words and life are inextricably linked together.

His works

Alfredo Rapetti Mogol’s art places focus on the existing relationship between the signs of life and writing. He creates works by engraving repetitive writing on thick layers of acrylic colors, which eventually look like a sort of electrocardiogram.
He also makes artworks out of metal such as lead, on which he stamps the writing signs.
The same procedure is applied to works on paper.
Rarely does he make marble sculptures, representing the ruins from ancient civilizations.

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