Walter Valentini

Life, style & influence

Walter Valentini was born in Pergola, in the Marche region, in 1928.
As a child, he imagines what his art world would be: he remains fascinated in front of the entrance gates of palaces, spends hours looking at scraped walls and the ceiling beams of his home.
After the War, he attends the school “Libro” in Urbino, where he learns the secrets of the printmaking techniques.
In reality he begins to make art when he has already undertaken another career as a manager.
Guido Gallo can finally convince Walter Valentini to dedicate his life to art.
Initially he deals with geometric abstraction; in the 1980s he develops his signature style, characterized by curved or rhythmic lines, drawn on backgrounds that recall sidereal spaces.
His tecnical and compositional knowledge is fully shown in his important and refined graphic production.
Not less notable are his sculptures.
Finally his style is also well suited to the decorations of vast architectural spaces.

His works

Walter Valentini executes sublime paintings, above all, on board, adopting gypsum together with various materials.
His love for art materials induces him to produce works of refractory terracotta as well as handmade paper.
His engravings are outstanding, realized mostly on handmade paper.

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