Art Promotion

Are you an artist?

We believe that art is a matter of living a full life, an enchantment that has kept us company since a young age. Due to this reason, with thousands of artworks in mind, we decided to commit ourselves to transmitting the love for art to as many people as possible. We have created a video series titled “Pralines. Deliciousness from the World of Art”. It is made up of monographic videos which provide viewers with the clues necessary to understand the various languages of contemporary art.
These videos, besides being an amazing instrument to promote contemporary artists, have as target audience art lovers, gallerists, collectors and students of Liceo Artistico and Academies of Fine Art.

Are you an institution?

What’s more:

We work as curators for private and public exhibitions.
We hold courses on art history and contemporary art, for students, youngsters, and professionals of any age and background.
We also offer collaboration to organize different types of cultural events.
If you are an institutions looking for art professionals for the promotion of your own event, drop us an email!

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