collecting performances


Angelo Pretolani

Under the paving stones, the beach

The artistic project initiated in 2008 stands out, undoubtedly, as one of the most interesting projects in the current art scene.
Its title “Under the paving stones, the beach” refers back to the French motto of May, 1968, "Sous les pavés, la plage!" an invitation to dig deep into the trivial reality of daily life in order to attain a more profound comprehension of life.

Every friday, Angelo makes a performance.

His performances often involve small gestures, essential rituals, which make use of very simple objects, such as bay leaves, ash, a mirror, some salt.
But no audience.

Each performance is documented on Facebook

where one can find brief and intense reflections bearing poetical and philosophical undertones.
We are probably talking about the unique performance project expressly ideated to make the most of the communicative potential of a Social Network: a revolution in the history of contemporary art.

The artworks

Angelo accompanies his performances with the realization of artworks on paper or on canvas.
He adopts a wide range of techniques and sizes over his twelve years dedicated to performance art.

Collecting performances

Today we have decided to propose these works to collectors.
Each work is presented in a slip case with the description of the corresponding performance, and the artist’s signature as a certificate of authenticity.
The date on the case is of fundamental importance, as it marks the day in which the performance was enacted:
each work captures a unique and intimate moment, which is renewed weekly.

How to purchase

You can easily purchase these artworks from this very page.
Select your favourite piece in the section below, and proceed to checkout though our e-commerce platform.
Your artwork will be delivered soon by insured express courier (DHL). Please allow some days to process your request for the preparation of export documents.
For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.